Cross-Cultural Communication


Thanks to globalisation and technology, our world has become a global village; each day we live, work, do business with, and interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Without a high level of inter-cultural intelligence, you simply cannot succeed in international business or for that matter, in any inter-cultural environment.

On this course, participants will learn the attitude and skills to correctly interpret and adjust to the culturally defined behaviour of others, with the aim of achieving a favourable outcome for everyone involved. Special attention will be given to practical strategies and techniques to communicate effectively, cultivate trust, and build relationships across cultures.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Examine the differences between cultures

  • Identify methods of communicating effectively and appropriately with people from different cultures

  • Identify methods of cultivating trust and building business relationships

  • Describe cultural differences in business protocol

  • Identify methods for creating high-performing, cross-cultural teams

  • Describe strategies for conducting successful multi-cultural negotiations

  • Explore ways of effectively resolving conflict in other cultures

Course Outline

Module 1

Understanding Cultural Differences

Module 2

Cross Cultural Communication Strategies

Module 3

Developing Your Inter-Cultural Intelligence