Affordable Training for New Leaders and Middle Managers

The Way We Work is Changing

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards more employed people choosing to work remotely.

In the past, few organisations paid much attention to virtual team training. This will need to change as more employees adopt flexible work arrangements, and the unique challenges of coordinating tasks within virtual teams becomes increasingly apparent.

The Critical Role of Middle Management

Middle managers are the bridge that connects an organisation’s goals and strategies with the work practices of lower-level operational staff.

To facilitate a smooth transition to new work practices, it is critical that organisations give priority to developing the skills and competencies of their middle managers.

Bamboo Bridge Solution

We offer affordable and critically acclaimed training courses to prepare new leaders and to upskill middle managers to competently lead virtual teams in collaborative projects.

Our courses focus on developing a new breed of compassionate, caring, ethical, and forward-thinking leaders who can succeed in today’s complex and multicultural business environment.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“James’ training style was well-received and very effective. He did an outstanding job in tailoring the training to make it relevant to our situation and priorities. We have already seen a change in our people’s behaviour that will ultimately lead to an improvement in business results.”

Executive Chairman, MF Jebsen International Group

“Having someone with James’ depth of experience in a very similar industry made his training very effective, and his broad understanding of culture and language made the subject more interesting.”

President, Velocity Technology

“James’ vast high-technology sales, marketing and operational experience provides not only authenticity to his training, but he can, and does, draw on real world examples to illustrate his many training points. I can highly recommend James.”

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitel

“James’ adaptability to our in-house standards and the need for strong engagement with reserved participants was outstanding.”

Human Resources Manager, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service

“I’d just like to let you know that all the feedback I have was really positive. I found James to be a very engaging presenter. I attended 5 out of the 6 sessions he did for us last week and I took something different away from each one.”

Senior HR Advisor, Queensland Parliamentary Service

“James’ workshop was detailed yet to the point, covered all essential areas and knowledge in a creative and engaging way. Feedback at the end of the workshop saw James obtain an exceptional rating of 4.9 (average out of all attendees) out of 5. I would highly recommend James as a facilitator for corporate workshops and/or training.”

Program Manager, Get Zouing

“(James’) professionalism and warmth in the lead up to organizing the event, and his skills in engagement with the group were exceptional. He is one of those rare people whose skills are their passion, and who leave a lasting impact on those with whom he confers. I would highly recommend James as a skilful and engaging presenter on high-level communication.”

Industrial Chemist, Transpacific Industries