Coaching Skills for Managers


Coaching is less concerned with telling someone how to perform the task exactly as instructed, and, instead, focuses on empowering them to discover solutions for themselves and to be responsible for their actions.

On this course, participants will learn what to delegate, who to delegate to, and how to delegate using the 8 Steps to Successful Delegation. Special attention is given to the principles of successful coaching conversations. In these conversations, the manager helps the employee to set goals and identify actions that they are committed to, and provides feedback and support so that the employee understands how they are doing and how to improve.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define what coaching is and explain its role in the workplace

  • Explain the managers role in the coaching process

  • Know when they have created a positive coaching environment

  • Follow a specific procedure for coaching success

  • Use the GROW model to provide successful coaching conversations

  • Use coaching communication skills to good effect

  • Identify coaching opportunities and appreciate which style to use

Course Outline

Module 1

Defining Coaching and Mentoring

Module 2

Principles of Adult Learning

Module 3

Leadership Styles

Module 4

Active Listening

Module 5

The GROW Model

Module 6

Fine-Tuning and Transitioning

Module 7

Principles of Successful Coaching Conversations

Module 8

Providing Feedback