Bamboo Bridge designs and delivers training courses for clients in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Our clients are organisations in the private and public sectors, and range from small to large enterprises.

Our Changing Work Environment

Bamboo Bridge was established in 2012 to provide student-centred learning programs with a focus on developing the skills for leading geographically dispersed or virtual teams with team members from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our workplace is changing fast, and without professional training, your leaders and team members may struggle to adapt to this new environment.

We Focus on Inclusive Leadership

Bamboo Bridge’s focus is on developing inclusive leaders; leaders with well-tuned inter-personal and inter-cultural skills that they can draw upon to establish trust, build enduring relationships, share information, solve problems, and make better decisions in collaboration with others. Bamboo Bridge builds on these foundational skills and seeks to integrate them with the behaviours and best practices of transformational leadership.

Critical elements of inclusive leadership are shared with transformational leadership. These include showing respect and consideration to others, treating people fairly and equally, leading by example, and demonstrating a high standard of integrity and ethical behaviour. As with transformational leadership, the focus is on team members, with the leader guiding and supporting their team to achieve more of their full potential.

Who Are Our Clients?

Bamboo Bridge has designed and delivered more than 300 courses to satisfied clients in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Our clients represent a wide range of industries including financial services, public administration, utilities, healthcare, education, construction and property management, sourcing and procurement, retail, information and communications technology, and professional services.