“Our trainer, James Alderton, built rapport with our group very quickly and determined our individual needs. He tailored the day’s delivery to suit all our individual needs and even covered topics not included in our course manual. James is very knowledgeable on his topic and often related the contents to his personal experiences, which aided my learning process. James delivered an energetic presentation, which made the day fun and enjoyable. Thank you James, I really enjoyed the jam-packed day and will keep an eye out for your next Inter-Cultural Intelligence workshop.”

Marietta Wood, Tropical Medical Training

“James’ workshop was detailed yet to the point, covered all essential areas and knowledge in a creative and engaging way. Feedback at the end of the workshop saw James obtain an exceptional rating of 4.9 (average out of all attendees) out of 5. I would highly recommend James as a facilitator for corporate workshops and/or training.”

Matthew Garratt, Owner, Get Zouing

“(James’) professionalism and warmth in the lead up to organizing the event, and his skills in engagement with the group were exceptional. He is one of those rare people whose skills are their passion, and who leave a lasting impact on those with whom he confers. I would highly recommend James as a skilful and engaging presenter on high-level communication. We were, and are, grateful for his help.”

Alycia Moore, Industrial Chemist, Transpacific Industries

“James’ training style was well-received and very effective. He did an outstanding job in tailoring the training to make it relevant to our situation and priorities…we have already seen a change in our people’s behaviour that will ultimately lead to an improvement in business results.”

Markus F. Jebsen, Executive Chairman, MF Jebsen International Group

“James’ training style is both engaging and effective. The training I received taught me how to focus on what’s important to the business, how to look at a particular situation from different viewpoints, and how to collaborate effectively with people from varied backgrounds.”

Tracy Shen, Corporate & Employee Communications Manager, Texas Instruments

“James’ vast high-technology sales, marketing and operational experience provides not only authenticity to his training but he can and does draw on real world examples to illustrate his many training points. I can highly recommend James.”

Martyn Etherington, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitel

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