Team Performance Alignment


TMS Team Management Profile is a simple, practical and research-based profiling instrument specifically designed for use in the workplace. It provides work-focused and objective data to help individuals and teams to maximise their potential. TMS Profiles have been used by over a million people in leading organisations including ANZ, Sony, Mobil Oil, American Express, QANTAS, KPMG, BHP Billiton and Westpac.

Responses to the Team Management Profile Questionnaire are used to generate a personal and confidential Profile which is sent to each participant before the workshop. The Profile provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work preferences and can be used in a variety of ways including personal development, leadership, and in building and developing highly effective teams.

In this one-day workshop, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the concepts and content of the TMS Team Management Profile; learn how the information in their individual Profile can be applied to developing their effectiveness at work; and identify the characteristics, activities and functions for building and maintaining a highly effective team.

Course Outline

Overview of TMS – The Concepts

  • Types of Work Wheel
  • 4 Work Preference Measures
  • Team Management Wheel
  • Discuss the characteristics of an outstanding or highly effective team
  • Review your personal Team Management Profile to learn more about yourself and your colleagues, and to fine tune how to work together more effectively
  • Use TMS concepts and tools to:
  • identify critical tasks for team success and high performance
  • agree on the gaps between a team’s current state and the ideal state of a high-performing team
  • generate engagement and harness the talent of the team
  • manage change and conflict
  • Action plan and next steps
  • Pre-Session Work

    Participants will need to complete a Team Management Profile Questionnaire (TMPQ) and receive their personal Profile. Each participant should read their Profile and Personal Discovery Workbook prior to the session, and bring both to the workshop.

    Who Should Attend

    Suitable for members of an intact team, including team leader

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